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(UK related) MCM Expo 2016

2016-10-31 03:57:49 by CaffeineClown

Anyone else go to the London MCM expo that just went? Particuarly yesterday! (30/10/16) If so, and you saw Skeletor wandering about, that was me! 3847425_147790062792_IMG_0366.jpg

Nothing to Fear!

2016-10-20 07:31:15 by CaffeineClown

After working on and off this beast of a project it's finally over .....

I have nothing else to say, but please go give it a watch :)


Anna Kingsley / Anjidu - Arachnophobia
Anthony Sardinha / Antfish - Thanatophobia
Shock-Dingo / David Dixon - The Meter Man
Aimee ‘Atheatricalsongbird’ Smith - Coulrophobia
David "Domino" Jackson / Dominovox - Landlord
Connor Attoe - A leaf

Special thanks to:
Budj Studios and Eastbeast Films

Music by Hill and Wynn as The Twins Compositions


Nearing the end now!

2016-05-15 13:07:54 by CaffeineClown

So in case anyone cares, I'm currently in the process of the final edit stages of Nothing to Fear, an animation I've been slowly picking away at completing for longer than I'd like to admit. I'm currently having original music created by these lovely guys and at the rate of how things are going it will finally be finished within the next month.

Over the last month or so I've had a break from the freelance work I've been doing for a cyber secruity company and gone into overdrive to finish this off at last while I have the oppotunity. I'm currently going through a finer edit stage, cleaning up frames I'm not happy with and looking out for glaring errors but also trying to remember that I can't fix everything, as I don't want to fall into the trap of overworking the piece, or just never finishing it through a determential sense of perfectionism. Doing these proffesional gigs has made me realize more than ever that sometimes it's important to know that you have to finish things one day, and sooner or later you have to put it down and say you're done. 

That said though, I don't regret spending the time I have on this animation. The characters in it are ones I've been wanting to work with back when I was in college and I certainly want to do more with them (although while Nothing to Fear is about 10 minutes long, I can't say I'd like to go over the 5 minute mark again anytime soon. Not while I have commitments like a 'regular job'). I can't stress how much of a learning curve this has been for me personally. I've even made a few friends that I consider close to me despite the fact they pretty much all live in other countries. It's easily the best work I've ever produced and makes my graduation film years ago look, frankly, awful by comparison! Anyway, with that! I hope whoever see's the end result enjoys the piece! I've put everything I have into it. 

A labour of love: Nothing to Fear!

2016-04-24 10:02:45 by CaffeineClown

So Nothing to Fear is a short film (of about 10 minutes in length) I've been working on and off in little increments for the last few years and after so much time juggling between being a quasi-adult, doing (paid!) corporate animation work for a cyber security company, as well as other work on top of that, it's finally nearing completion! After a few tweaks in post production and arranging for original music to be made specifically to the piece it'll be ready for uploading!

Anyway, Nothing to Fear follows the story of Arachnophobia (Anjidu), a jaded coach potato who was once previously a professional 'henchwench' for super villain, Thanatophobia! (Antfish). While she left him once due to poor working conditions, he attempts to bring her back into the business of costumed crime! Other characters include Coulrophobia (Atheatricalsongbird), parking enforcement champion The Meter Man (Shock-Dingo) and a fat man who just wants his rent.. (Dominovox).  SUBJECTIVE HILARITY ENSUES! 

Here's a snippet of what's to come! And I hope it's well received when it's all finally finished! If not. I will literally cry tears of pain and sadness.



So ...

2013-05-31 02:46:37 by CaffeineClown

Christ its been a while since I've dared upload anything on here despite logging in most days - 'Nothing to Fears' production, whilst not coming to a complete halt has slowed down considerably due to moving house (and more lately being ill). This all sounds like excuses and that's what she thinks too ...

I really don't like the idea of doing a 'trailer' for this animation but the thought has been running through my mind the past week, just to prove I haven't been sliding down stairs on my bum this whole time ... I guess it depends on if it takes me another couple of months to finish this or not baring in mind the finished piece is unlikely to break 5 minutes, a 30 - 40 second 'trailer' just sounds so ... pretentious? ...

On a plus note though I do have all the voices I need now to happily animate away without 'winging' the rest of the storyboard hoping the expressions fit those lines I've never actually heard up until a few days ago! So maybe things will speed up! Hopefully!

So ...

Here's a keyframe. So yeah, more to come as and when its done. I guess.

Back from Holiday in case anyone cares!


2013-03-03 08:01:40 by CaffeineClown

I'll be away for the next 5 - 6 days! So I'm not sure as to whether or not I'll be able to check my emails. BRB LOL.


2013-02-27 07:37:00 by CaffeineClown

SHE DOES THIS, EVERY, TIME! Here I am, just sitting around drawing on my laptop being fat when suddenly Jo's all like "Get me this, you're closer!" when I'm quite clearly not. THE LOGIC OF WOMEN. SERIOUSLY!


Voice required for super villainess Arachnophobia!

2013-02-26 13:56:58 by CaffeineClown

Oh gaawwwwd, I've made a frontpage post ... AND NO ONE KNOWS WHO I AM! This could only end badly. Anyway, if your actually remotely interested in reading what I've got to post I'm looking for voice artist to do a bit of acting for a character as part of an upcoming animationy-piece!

(NOTE: Willow has her voice! Thank you to everyone who sent a reel my way for her role. Please continue to send me voice samples if you wish! I will consider them for future characters!)

This is Willow, a 30-something jaded coach potato. She's quite miserable and boring now, but back in her prime she was 'Arachnophobia'! Right hand of the self proclaimed lord of fear and darkness, 'Thanatophobia'! She was the aspiring Queen of Terror a few years ago; not only being Thanatophobia's most trusted general, but one of his few minions to actually survive working for him. But there's only so many doomsday devices and mountain fortress explosions you can go through before you say "enough"... so she left. Now she sits in her rented apartment watching reality television... But unbeknownst to her, her former boss has searched and searched for his most trusted minion in the hopes of persuading her back into the life of the super villain! Amazing pay checks, excellent staff care, and other such lies await her should she choose to accept! But how do you say no? You don't! She'll be back .... they always come back ...


Voice required for super villainess Arachnophobia!

I'm not lazy but ...

2013-02-21 13:16:33 by CaffeineClown

The thing I hate about turnarounds is you spend so long drawing a character from one angle, and then realize you actually have to draw them from another 2 or 3, making sure the proportions of everything matches, EVERYTHING! ....... I think I'll carry on script writing ...

I'm not lazy but ...